21. June 2022

Copenhagen’s wastewater will in future be completely purified by AEROSTRIPs

The 2 largest wastewater treatment plants in the Copenhagen region will in future rely entirely on AEROSTRIP®s. As a result, from July 2023, the wastewater of the Danish capital will be treated entirely by efficient strip aerators and significant energy savings will be achieved.

  • By 2027, all wastewater in the greater Copenhagen area will be treated with AEROSTRIP®s.
  • To this end, 11,000 AEROSTRIP®s will be used at the three plants in Avedøre, Lynetten and Damhusåen.
  • Avedøre has already been operating with AEROSTRIP®s since 2015.
  • More than 134 million euros are being invested in this project to treat the wastewater of Copenhagen and the surrounding metropolitan areas.

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