Large diffuser surface – compactly installed.

AEROSTRIP® Modules combine the high performance of the strip diffuser with the quick and easy assembly of the plate diffuser. The AEROSTRIP® modules are available in lengths of 2 – 4 meters and a width of 1 meter. Compared to other systems (plates, tubes, strips), modules have a significantly larger area, which means that less effort is required for assembly and piping.

The AEROSTRIP® modules can be manufactured in PVC or stainless steel on customer request.

Advantages over plates

Existing panels can be replaced with AEROSTRIP® modules. We offer our customers the opportunity to renew the existing aeration system with as little effort as possible. Every old panel is exchanged for a new AEROSTRIP® module, the existing air pipes and attachment points can continue to be used, provided their age and condition allow it.

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