9. October 2019

Strass / Zillertal is upgraded to AEROSTRIP fine bubble diffusers

Finally the plate diffusers of the waste water treatment plant in Strass / Zillertal had reached their limit of capacity and end of life, so operators  decided to reequip the aeration system according to  state-of-the-art technology. After plant operators and Dr. Frey had finalized  a thorough tender vetting ,  amongst several competitors  they chose  AEROSTRIP® by the company Aquaconsult as the best solution.

Additionally to  changing to strip  diffusers also  procedural changes were carried out. Existing mixers were moved to the denitrification zones, being placed at the beginning of the tank.

Furthermore guide walls in the curves were removed,  partly walls were added as well as new guide walls  with waste water stream underneath .

Eventually, the basins were converted from oxidation ditches to cascade shaped tanks which can be flown through in parallel.

A significant advantage in the reconstruction is the fact that by the large coverage of the tank an even distribution  and therefore high oxygen efficiency can be achieved. The possibility of  of even distribution is a major advantage compared to plate diffusers.

This project was elaborated in cooperation with the University of Innsbruck according to the latest technical state of knowledge.

We thank the waste water association of Achental – Inntal – Zillertal for their trust in AEROSTRIP® and are proud to have equipped another important  plant with our diffusers.

(Photo: AIZ, 2014)


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