26. September 2023

Sales partners from all over the world complete AEROSTRIP training course

A total of 15 guests from 9 countries from 5 continents visited AQUACONSULT Anlagenbau in September. For one week they completed the sales partner training in Traiskirchen (Lower Austria). At the end, all participants were presented with the AEROSTRIP Product Manager certificate. The international guests were as impressed about the technology of the AEROSTRIP strip diffusers as they were about the charm of Lower Austria in late summer.

This year the following companies took part in the training: Acemax (Brazil), sigma (Brazil), Ovivo water (US), Ovivo water (India), Entech WTB Engineering (Netherlands), Eliquo Hydrok (UK), AnoxKaldnes Veolia (Sweden), TECAFLOW (Finland), Tecnoimpianti (Italy), Hydroflux (Australia).

Vertriebspartner-Schulung 2023