13. September 2023

Lynetten: Conversion completed by the end of the year

Good news on the construction progress of the currently largest AQUACONSULT project in Copenhagen. Over 50% of the AEROSTRIP strip diffusers in Lynetten, the largest of the three wastewater treatment plants in the Danish capital, have already been installed. Work at this site is expected to be completed by the end of the year, as the project managers from BioMizing ApS now expect. The plant will be equipped with 7,000 AEROSTRIP strip diffusers.

The retrofit in Lynetten is part of a mega project to increase the efficiency of all three of Copenhagen’s wastewater treatment plants. In total, 11,000 AEROSTRIPs will be installed in Lynetten, Damhusåen and Avedøre; this means that from 2025 onwards, all wastewater in the metropolitan region will be aerated with strip diffusers from Traiskirchen. (Foto: BioMizing ApS)