28. September 2020

AEROSTRIP fine bubble diffuser installation in Triple A tanks at WWTP Strass successfully finished!

Triple A, stands for “Alternating Activated Adsorption” and was developed by Dr. Bernhard Wett and his team. By using previously untapped potential in the primary clarifier, plant capacity can be increased without additional construction work, gas yield can be optimized and energy consumption of the entire plant is reduced. AEROSTRIP® fine bubble diffusers provide a valuable contribution to the triple A process. The high oxygen utilization as well as the many installations proving the longevity of the strip shaped diffusers made them the product of choice.

A particular challenge was the geometry of the two Triple A tanks and the system-related waste water pipes. In order to avoid negative effects on the oxygen utilization, zones in which the distance between the diffusers is 2.0 m or more have been avoided at all costs. Thanks to the slim design of the strip aerators, which are also available in different lengths, this is easy to do. The system here in Strass in the beautiful Zillertal is a successful example.