18. August 2023

Strip diffusers save municipal energy and CO₂

Sewage treatment plants often account for up to 20 per cent of the electricity consumption of municipalities. Thus, in times of sharply rising energy prices, they are often at the centre of the search for avoidable municipal kilowatt hours. The Zweibrücken sewage treatment plant (D) demonstrates how municipal electricity guzzlers can be effectively avoided: By converting the plant to AEROSTRIP strip diffusers, not only was the energy consumption almost halved, but the cleaning performance was also increased. This saves large amounts of energy and CO. “The investment in our AEROSTRIPs pays off immediately,” also says Rüdiger Vrabac, branch manager at AQUACONSULT Anlagenbau Deutschland. “The return on investment is currently three years on average.” (Photo: Umwelt- und Servicebetrieb Zweibrücken, AQUACONSULT)

Kläranlage Zweibrücken - Luftbild