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Product range AEROSTRIP ® - The modular option

Scores of sewage treatment plants in Austria and other countries are still equipped with large-area diffuser panels made by AQUACONSULT before 1995.

In favour of AEROSTRIP ® the production and distribution of large-area diffuser panels has been shut down in the year 1995.

As a replacment for large-area panels we offer AEROSTRIP ® diffuser packages (modules) for easy exchange of old diffuser equipment. In this case any old diffuser panel is replaced by a new AEROSTRIP ® module; existing air pipes and fastening points can be still used (if the material is in good order and condition).

AEROSTRIP ® modules have a width of 1.00m and can be used for replacement of any AQUACONSULT diffuser panel with a width of 1.00m.

AEROSTRIP ® modules are available in following designs:

Module Type E


Units / Module

  • Width 150 mm: 3,4 or 6 pieces*
  • Width 180 mm: 3 or 5 pieces

Data Sheet

  • Width 150 mm: Bull 380
  • Width 180 mm: Bull 382
  • Fastening: Bull 381

*) Diffusers with a width of 150mm are offered only as spare parts or replacement for plants already using this size of diffusers.

Module Type G


Units / Module

  • Width 150 mm: -
  • Width 180 mm: 3 or 5 pieces

Data Sheet

  • Width 150 mm: -
  • Width 180 mm: Bull 393
  • Fastening: Bull 394

Number of AEROSTRIP ® diffusers per module depends on the air flow rate. Feel free to ask for more information!

For Fastening of AEROSTRIP ® modules you may choose between

  • Fixation directly to the tank floor


  • height adjustable fixation (e.g. if tank floor is sloped)

Further information on AEROSTRIP ® diffusers you can find here.