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Main waste water treatment plant from Honolulu Hawaii will get new diffusers.

AEROSTRIP diffusers were able to prevail against tough competition in this prestigious project, due to their low energy consumption and long service life.
Before shipping, the diffusers had to prove their performance.
For this purpose, several oxygen transfer tests were carried out which were monitored and evaluated by an American and an Austrian expert.

Honouliuli testing bubble pattern

Perfect bubble pattern resulted in excelent oxygen transfer.
All guarantee values have been achieved and even exceeded.


AEROSTRIP fine bubble diffuser installation in Triple A tanks at WWTP Strass successfully finished!

Triple A, stands for "Alternating Activated Adsorption" and was developed by Dr. Bernhard Wett and his team. By using previously untapped potential in the primary clarifier, plant capacity can be increased without additional construction work, gas yield can be optimized and energy consumption of the entire plant is reduced.

AEROSTRIP fine bubble diffusers provide a valuable contribution to the triple A process. The high oxygen utilization as well as the many installations proving the longevity of the strip shaped diffusers made them the product of choice.

 Strass Triple A - Reinwasser ohne Luft

A particular challenge was the geometry of the two Triple A tanks and the system-related waste water pipes. In order to avoid negative effects on the oxygen utilization, zones in which the distance between the diffusers is 2.0 m or more have been avoided at all costs. Thanks to the slim design of the strip aerators, which are also available in different lengths, this is easy to do. The system here in Strass in the beautiful Zillertal is a successful example.


AEROSTRIP manifolds

Excellent diffusers are undoubtedly the most essential part of a good aeration system.
But a system is only as good as the sum of its individual parts.
Therefore Aquaconsult has optimized the air supply to the diffusers.


Thanks to prefabrication and testing in the factory,
AEROSTRIP air distributors are extremely reliable and
easy and quick to install.


Looking for a sales engineer

Aquaconsult Anlagenbau GmbH ist ein international erfolgreicher Hersteller von Belüftungseinrichtungen für Abwasserreinigungsanlagen. Unter dem Namen AEROSTRIP ® werden die hoch effiziente und langlebige Belüfter weltweit vertrieben. Zur Verstärkung unseres Teams am Standort Traiskirchen besetzen wir eine Vollzeitposition.



Umwelttechnik - Technischer Vertrieb (m/w)




  • Beratung und Betreuung vornehmlich internationaler Kunden und Interessenten
  • Auslegung von Belüftungssystemen zur Abwasserreinigung
  • Erstellung technischer und kaufmännischer Angebote   
  • Projektabwicklung in technischer und kaufmännischer Hinsicht
  • Unterstützung in PR und Marketing sowie bei der Optimierung interner Prozesse
  • Messeauftritte, Produktpräsentationen und Schulungen




  • Abgeschlossene technische Fachausbildung (HTL oder TU, BOKU, FH) in den Richtungen Bauingenieurwesen, Kulturtechnik und Wasserwirtschaft, Umwelttechnik oder vergleichbar
  • Lösungsorientiertes Arbeiten, engagiert und flexibel
  • Kommunikationsstärke und strukturierte Arbeitsweise
  • Gute MS Office Kenntnisse und CAD 2D und 3D
  • Teamplayer mit Eigeninitiative
  • Gute Englischkenntnisse
  • Führerschein Klasse B vorteilhaft

Unser Angebot

  • Interessante Projekte in einem internationalen Umfeld
  • Herausfordernde und abwechslungsreiche Tätigkeit
  • Expertenwissen im Bereich Abwasserreinigung/Belüftung
  • Angenehmes Betriebsklima in einem erfolgreichen und engagierten Team
  • Für diese Position bieten wir ein Jahresbruttogehalt von mindestens EUR 35.000.-;
    abhängig von Qualifikation und beruflicher Erfahrung ist eine Überzahlung vorgesehen.




Wenn wir Ihr Interesse geweckt haben, dann senden Sie Ihre aussagekräftige Bewerbung elektronisch an:


Aquaconsult Anlagenbau GmbH

Badener Straße 46

A-2514 Traiskirchen

Tel. +43 2252 41481


Happy New Year 2020

Aquaconsult wishes a happy and successful year 2020! May it be full of health of joy.



Our new AEROSTRIP ® cups have arrived! If you send us an e-mail saying "Aerostrip ® cup" to til the 24th of December, 2019, we will send you one of of them.

Have a merry x-mas!

Your  Aquaconsult Team


Visit of our sales partner in South Africa

In South Africa we got to present together with our sales partner LEKTRATEK Water Technology, the advantages of our Aerostrip ® diffuser.

During different seminars in Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town we introduced our fine bubble diffuser. Our product stroke a chord with both consultants and engineers. After the presentation we thoroughly discussed maintenance, longevity and our international references.

Having LEKTRATEK us our sales partner together with our latest installation of the plant in Boitekong, we are ready for the upcoming projects in South Africa.

Here is to our successful cooperation, LEKTRATEK Water Technology!


Strass / Zillertal is upgraded to AEROSTRIP ® fine bubble diffusers

Finally the plate diffusers of the waste water treatment plant in Strass / Zillertal had reached their limit of capacity and end of life, so operators  decided to reequip the aeration system according to  state-of-the-art technology. After plant operators and Dr. Frey had finalized  a thorough tender vetting ,  amongst several competitors  they chose  AEROSTRIP ® by the company Aquaconsult as the best solution.

Additionally to  changing to strip  diffusers also  procedural changes were carried out. Existing mixers were moved to the denitrification zones, being placed at the beginning of the tank.

Furthermore guide walls in the curves were removed,  partly walls were added as well as new guide walls  with waste water stream underneath .

Eventually, the basins were converted from oxidation ditches to cascade shaped tanks which can be flown through in parallel.

A significant advantage in the reconstruction is the fact that by the large coverage of the tank an even distribution  and therefore high oxygen efficiency can be achieved. The possibility of  of even distribution is a major advantage compared to plate diffusers.

This project was elaborated in cooperation with the University of Innsbruck according to the latest technical state of knowledge.

We thank the waste water association of Achental - Inntal - Zillertal for their trust in Aerostrip ® and are proud to have equipped another important  plant with our diffusers.

(Foto: AIZ, 2014)



SANKI ENGENEERING CO., LTD. vistiting our factory

We recently got to welcome three important employees from our Japanese parent group SANKI ENGENEERING CO., LTD. at our factory. 

Mr.Komura who is a board member of the company, Mr. Ookotshi and Mr. Mr. Funakubo flew in from Asia to spend the whole week with us.

It was a blast having them here. We thank them for their coming and are looking forward to the next reunion.


AEROSTRIP ® goes Brazil

We are proud to announce that together with the food manufacturer  Tate & Lyle in Santa Rosa de Viterbo (approx. 300km north of São Paulo) we equipped our first Brazilian plant with AEROSTRIP ® diffusers.

Both of the tanks had previously been using plate diffusers and were now refurbished to 192 AEROSTRIP ® Type T with each a length of three meters.

Thus, it is now also in Brazil trusted in the efficiency and longevity of our diffusers.

We thank our local representative ACEMAX for their collaboration and are looking forward to putting the next AEROSTRIP ® projects  in Brazil  into action.


AEROSTRIP ® at AQUA Nederland

Again AEROSTRIP ® was attending the AQUA Nederland this year.

At the booth of our long term partner Landustrie many interested representatives

of Dutch “Waterschapen” got advised well by the support of Aquaconsult.


Marketing Training in Scandinavia

We got to visit our Scandinavian sales partners in Denmark and taught them some essentials about AEROSTRIP ® marketing and basic calculations.

The training turned out to be a huge success and everyone was very committed to participate.

Thanks to all participants, it was a blast getting to share our knowledge.

We are looking forward to continuing to collaborate with you.


Aerostrip ® Product Manager Training 2019

This year’s product manager training was held for the second time from February 11th to February 15th at our factory.

Our sales partners were participating from all over the world and contributed a lot to a successful workshop.

After the training we spent the evenings having dinner surrounded by a nice atmosphere.

It was a blast welcoming our partners and getting to share our knowledge with them. We want to thank everyone for their cooperation and are looking forward to the next training.


Assembly of AEROSTRIP ® at the waste water plant in Himberg

This September we started our installation of AEROSTRIP ® diffusers in the waste water treatment plant of Himberg / Lower Austria, aiming to reduce the energy demand. The plant consists of two lanes, each having two activated sludge tanks.

The old tube aerators from silicone membrane were removed and replaced by 96 AEROSTRIP Q3.5 diffusers.

The installation was successfully finalized in October. We thank the municipality of Himberg for their trust in AEROSTRIP ®.



First reference with Mason Engineers in New Zealand.


At the beginning of July 2018, 288 diffusers were installed in this SBR plant.  Since there was only little time for the installation, prefabricated frames were used. Thus, a quick assembly was assured and the sloped tank bottom was leveled out.


Another tank is supposed to be refurbished with AEROSTRIP in 2019.

Neuseeland 1





This year we presented again our AEROSTRIP diffusers at IFAT. It was a great week and we had a blast welcoming our sales partners and guests at our booth.


We are already looking forward to IFAT 2020.



AEROSTRIP Product Manager Training

From February 19th to 23rd our first AEROSTRIP Product Manager Training was taking place at our factory. Our sales partners from all over were invited and got to learn a lot about our working process and later enjoyed the evening activities with us.

The training was a blast for all of us and we cannot wait to organize the next one.

PMT Seminar



ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFICATE - extended

The ISO 9001 certification is part of diffuser production for many years now.

For AEROSTRIP quality means highest Oxygen Transfer Efficiency and Long Service Life, this is our contribution to a responsible use of resources.



Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays!

We wish you and your families
happy holidays and all the
best for the New Year 2018!

Weihnachten 2017


new members of sales team

already since june 2017 Mr. Stefan Schmidt is our new colleauge in the sales team.

Mr.Schmidt has some years of trade-specific knowledge and will take care of the new customer aquisition in Austria.

Also Mrs. Stephanie Bernhard supports our team since October 2017 and she will work for international projects as sales engineer.

We are happy to welcome them in our team.

Stefan Schmidt

Stephanie Bernhard


new sales partner in Germany

With September 2017, the German branch of Aquaconsult Anlagenbau GmbH assumes the distribution of the AEROSTRIP diffusers in Germany.

We are able to use an experienced team, which has previously been working for the environmental technology department of UD Umwelt-Dienste GmbH.

The distribution, assembly and service of the AEROSTRIP ® diffusers are now carried out directly by the manufacturer and thus from first hand.

Our branch office in Germany is your reliable partner for highly efficient and long-lasting solutions in the area of aeration technology.



major projects in Australia

AEROSTRIP ® in „Down Under“ further on the road of success

Together with our partner Hydroflux we got orders for 3 big scaled projects in Australia.

At the WWTP Bunbury with a capacity of 13ML/d already 2360 high efficent AEROSTRIP ® diffusers  operate since march. At  a tretament palnt near Perth with a daily inflow of 180ML/d 3620 AEROSTRIP ®s will be installed until end of this year. Also in Melbourne area operators trusts on the efficiency of AEROSTRIP ® and ordered ~1700 AEROSTRIP ®s for their treatment plant (140ML/d).

Australia relies on quality "made in Austria"



AEROSTRIP in fish farming

Fish farming industry relies on the proven quality and high efficiency of our diffuser. Currently we are supplying AEROSTRIP diffusers in the 3rd project in this field of application. Our products will be used in a fish farm in Romania which produces trouts.



large order in India

The waste water treatment plant Anjana (India) relies on about 1800 AEROSTRIP diffusers.

We were able to realize another large project together with our local partner OVIVO India. The waste water treatment plant Anjana with a daily inflow of ~80.000m³, will use approx. 1800 high efficient AEROSTRIP diffusers in their process.



Merry Christmas

We wish you and your families
happy holidays and all the
best for the New Year 2017!

xmas 2016


Check-Valve Perforation

the AEROSTRIP perforation technique enables that the pores are completly closed by stopped airflow although the membran remains inflated. Each single pore is like a check-valve.

This slow motion video shows this perforation technique in operation.


30 years Aquaconsult

On September 16th we celebrated our 30 years aniversary at the moated castle in Traiskirchen.

At this festivity representatives of our mothercompny SANKI were present as well. The presidents Mr.Komura, Mr. Kajiura and Mr.Funakubo delivered personal congratulations.

We are happy to see that a small family-owned company became a global player in aeration sector whithin 30 years.

To the next 30 years!

30 Jahre

30 Jahr Feier 2


new snap fastener

Innovative fixing concept for diffuser elements saves time and money

The new snap fastener has a quick mounting design that can provide enormous time savings during AEROSTRIP assembly. They can be used for installations of diffusers directly on the tank floor, as well as on support structures and leads.

For more information visit our youtube channel here




Thanks to all visitors on our booth



Visit us at hall A3, booth 153

IFAT | World´s Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Material´s Management | May 30 – June 3, 2016 | Messe München

logo IFAT


DELCORA become another Flagship of AEROSTRIP ® installation

Ovivo proceed with DELCORA to become another Flagship AEROSTRIP ® installation.

The North American Muni Process Aeration Group is pleased to announce that our partner have received notice to proceed from DELCORA (Delaware County Regional Water Authority), a municipal authority that owns, operates, and maintains wastewater facilities for approximately 500,000 people in the greater Philadelphia area, (including 42 municipalities in Delaware and Chester counties), to retrofit one of their wastewater treatment plants outside of Philadelphia.  The team, consisting of OVIVO, AEROSTRIP Corporation, Aquaconsult, Sherwood-Logan and the DELCORA operations staff, moved quickly to find a retrofit solution to replace the aging aeration system. Ovivo is building custom stainless steel racks using energy efficient, proven AEROSTRIP ® diffusers to match the facility’s existing anchors and other infrastructure.  The quick action of all parties will allow to meet a tight window for replacement during the summer of 2016.  The DELCORA installation will be a flagship AEROSTRIP ® installation. By using almost 4.000 AEROSTRIP diffusers, the operater trusts in high efficient aeration technique.



Merry Christmas

We wish you and your families
happy holidays and all the
best for the New Year 2016!

x-mas 2015


Exceptional treatment plant in South Korea will rely on AEROSTRIP ®

The sewage treatment plant Anyang / Bakdal in South Korea is currently being expanded at a feed rate of 250,000 of wastewater per day. The entire system is built underground, while above an recreation park will be built.

When choosing the diffusers, the decision fell on AEROSTRIP ®, and with completion of work in 2017, a total number of nearly 2,000 AEROSTRIP ® diffusers type Q will be in operation at this facility.



chinese delegation visit

at the 20th and 27th of august we had a visit from two chinese delegations.

these seven-headed delegations from the region of Shandong visited our company and told us their good expiriences with our AEROSTRIP diffusers.

Since 2013 they use our diffusers sucessfully at the waste water treatmentplant in Zhoucun.




Highly successful fair at EXPO APA in Bucharest

from 15.-17. of June the AEROSTRIP fine bubble diffuser was displayed on the stand of our partner AERZEN Romania srl.
The large number of interesting contacts and serious discussions exceeded our expectations.

Many thanks for visiting us and the positive resonance

See you soon at the next fair!



SU ARNASY exhibition Kazakhstan

Together with our local partner we participated at the SU ARNASY from 27th - 29th of May.

This attendance which was organised by the WKO enables us to present our range of products in line of a seminar. And we had a lot of interesting B2B meetings with Kazakh companies.

Thank you for visiting us at our stand!


SU ARNASY seminar

SU ARNASY exhibition


AEROSTRIP among technologies of Alterous in Middle East

Wetex Alterous


AEROSTRIP was displayed at the stand of Alterous at the fair Wetex Dubai generating a huge attraction to the public.



Middle East and AEROSTRIP / Wetex Dubai 2015

Wetex Dubai 2015

Logo AlterousRegional market leader in charge of challenges of power transmission and wastewater treatment technologies
For more information please contact or visit Alterous's website 

 Tel : +971 6 5742752          Fax:+971 6 5742751 



Aquaconsult will proudly display the AEROSTRIP fine bubble diffuser at the IFAT EURASIA in Ankara. You are cordially invited at Hall 2, Stand E110g at the Austrian pavillion under the flag of Austrian Chamber of Commerce. 

IFAT Eurasia 2015

IFAT Eurasia will celebrate its premiere from April 16 to 18, 2015 at the Congresium International Convention & Exhibition Centre (CICEC) in Ankara, Turkey. This trade fair for environmental technologies is being supported by government and businesses in both Turkey and abroad.
AEROSTRIP will speak Turkish through local consultant Envi-Co. Manufacturer will be present. We are carrying our experience on fine bubble diffusers to Turkey. We are expecting to meet market players and introduce aeration efficiency to the local market. 


New AEROSTRIP latch fastener - Successfully installed at WWTP Avedøer (Copenhagen/ Denmark

Avedøer is one of the three wastewater treatment plants of Copenhagen, being the first plant using the new AEROSTRIP latch fastener. The latch fastener can be attached  on the floor using only one bolt, while the number of required drilling operations would be reduced at half. 

Latch FastenerAvedoer

Once the new latch fasteners bolted on the floor mounting AEROSTRIPs is only a simple push-and-click operation. "The new latch fastener saves plenty of time and money"  says Peter Dalgaard from Danish Wastewater Equipment pretty enthusiastic. 


Yüksek Verimlilik = High Efficiency

January 2015 

Workshop "AEROSTRIP in Turkey" organised in Ankara brings together the manufacturer and local specialists to an event brought with the support of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA – the foreign trade promotion organisation of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKÖ)

High EfficiencyDid you ever ask yourself what "yüksek verimlilik" could mean? It is the translation of "high efficiency" in Turkish language. The fine bubble diffusers AEROSTRIP will be presented and explanations will be given under the above motto.

Participation by invitation only. Request at until Friday 16th of January


AEROSTRIP @ Pollutec Lyon 2014 from December 2nd to December 5th

The Pollutec fair will be opened between December 2nd and December 5th in Lyon, France. The international fair event dedicated to environmental technologies and services will polarise again the general attention on the clean technologies. 

Hall 5 ; Allée H ; stand 179 

AEROSTRIP fine bubble diffusers will be displayed at the stand of HORUS Environnement ( see Extensive presentations incorporating multimedia , demonstration aquarium and sample diffusers might catch the visitor's attention.

Kindly consider yourselves invited! 

Pollutec 2014


WEFTEC 2014 in New Orleans

WEFTEC 2014 was an exciting event for our local representative Ovivo, and particularly for AEROSTRIP.  It was filled with customers non-stop asking how to make tiny bubbles.  A highlight of the event was Ovivo's participation in the Monday mobile session. AEROSTRIP was a key stop for the WEF Aeration Workshop.  Approximately 100 high level engineers and customers came by at various times, led by Mike Stenstrom, Diego Rosso, and Dave Redmon, where the participants had a chance to delve into the benefits of the AEROSTRIP system.  We expect that all the interest generated in New Orleans will generate many more AEROSTRIP installations.

Interviews with Peter, Tom & Dennis.



21st Austrian Water Management Conference 2014

At the conference one can see posters and exponates reflecting research work in area of diffused aeration and developments with AEROSTRIP. Aquaconsult Anlagenbau GmbH, manufacturer of the AEROSTRIP fine bubble diffusers will display at the Congress Center in Villach.






This year, on 1st and 2nd of October in the austrian city of Villach, at the Congress Center. Kindly come over and get informed on the extraoordinary performances of AEROSTRIP fine-bubble strip-shaped diffusers. 


Energy Self-sufficiency in Wastewater Treatment - WwTP Geiselbullach shows the way

On July the 10th 2014, the German wastewater treatment plant of Geislbullach hosted a press event dedicated to energy self-sufficiency, organized by AmperVerband in cooperation with Aquaconsult Anlagenbau GmbH. The press was present, showing a huge interest to the subject.

KA Geiselbullach

The managing director, Mr DI (FH) Kopmann, explained in an impressive way why the plant of Geiselbullach was selected. An almost 100% energy sufficiency was achieved through optimizing of sub-processes (especially through using of the efficient fine bubble diffusers manufactured by Aquaconsult Anlagenbau GmbH), also through combined use of latest technologies and operation procedures as “mixing with air”. “We are proud to cover our energy demands for internal services with self-generated energy. We are glad to nominate Aquaconsult among our cooperation partners in aeration technology. Their AEROSTRIP and their consultancy services made possible a significant part of our success” – quoting Mr. DI(FH) Kopmann. 

DI(FH) Kopmann

Following presentation was held by Aquaconsult’s sales manager, Mr. DI Gerald Glaninger, who emphasized the benefits of the selected aeration system. “Combining our product AEROSTRIP with the experience of decades of my colleagues from sales team was leading straight to the extraordinary results from the plant of Geiselbullach” – said Mr. Glaninger, while thanking AmperVerband for the excellent cooperation.  

DI Gerald Glaninger

The closure of the presentation was held by Dr. Loderer (Sales Engineer at Aquaconsult) in his speech “Mixing with Air”. The present audience was presented the concept, the consequent advantages of this operational procedure, and his related personal thoughts. “I am hoping, that more Geiselbullach will show up soon, proving the ideas about energy self-sustainability in wastewater treatment plants; we will also see how small optimization steps like using an efficient aeration system may lead to tremendous results.” – added Dr. Loderer in his closing sentence. 

Subsequently the audience attended a guided tour through the plant organized by the facility manager Mr. Christian Kriegner, and they could see for themselves how excellency was implemented in order to achieve the objectives listed during presentation. Mr Kriegner pointed out: “we could achieve such high objectives only through best cooperation between us and Aquaconsult in the aeration segment”. The day ended with lunch and exciting dialogue between attendees

Betriebsleiter der KA Christian Kriegner

Aquaconsult Anlagenbau GmbH would like to express its thankful thoughts to its traditional partner AmperVerband for the long term cooperation, for the occasion to explain the media the advantages of an efficient aeration system in connection with the energy self-sufficiency 


reporting from WwTP Geiselbullach,
DI (FH) DI Dr. nat. techn. Christian Loderer


Success Story: WwTP Vuippens in Switzerland

WABAG Switzerland to enlarge the Vuippens wastewater plant in the west of the country with FLUOPUR and SBR technology. AEROSTRIP is part of this success story. 512 pieces AEROSTRIP Q3,5 and Q4,0 will become operational.

Innovative technologies have again enabled the Winterthur-based WABAG Water Technology Ltd. to win a contract in its domestic market with an order worth some EUR 3.5 million for the enlargement of the Vuippens wastewater treatment plant. This has been allocated by the local AIS association, which was fully convinced by WABAG’s ingenious solutions and wealth of experience. The relevant contracts were signed in November 2013.

The current capacity of the Vuippens wastewater treatment plant in western Switzerland is to be increased from 45,500 to 80,000 p.e. Two system modifications were planned for this purpose and these were put out to tender in two lots. The first consisted of the construction of an additional high load stage upstream of the main biological stage and the second, the replacement of the existing activated sludge stage.

WABAG Switzerland was able to offer optimum solutions for both lots and demonstrate the appropriate references and thus won the confidence of the client, the local AIS association. WABAG decided to use the innovative FLUOPUR system for the high load stage and the existing activated sludge system was replaced by a new SBR reactor. This cleans the wastewater to a very high degree and permits its safe return to the small River Sionge.

WABAG is to be responsible for the planning, installation and commissioning of the electro-mechanical systems. Installation is due to commence during this summer with start-up to follow at the beginning of 2015.

Source: www


Thank you, IFAT 2014 Munich! Thank you all for seeing us!

IFAT 2014 is history, and we wish to thank to all those we could meet and greet at our booth, looking for better fine bubble diffusers, looking for efficiency and long lifespan!

Welcome in the family of AEROSTRIP, we are all winners!




AEROSTRIP displayed at IFAT 2014 - Just pay a visit to Hall A3, Stand 139, Aquaconsult Anlagenbau GmbH

IFAT | Weltleitmesse für Wasser-, Abwasser-, Abfall- und Rohstoffwirtschaft | 5. – 9. Mai 2014, Messe München

logo IFAT


YouTube Footage about flexing (procedure for self cleaning)

Our US-Partner OVIVO USA published a Video about flexing (blow-down) in YouTube 


How to perform a membrane maintenance cycle (blow down cycle)

  • Shut down blowers.
  • Open relief valve in the air pipe to release air till a pressure is reached which is slightly (10 to 20 mbar) lower than the pressure which corresponds to the immersion depth. (e.g. immersion depth 4,2 m, rec-ommended air pressure 390 – 420 mbar.) As soon this pressure is reached, close air relief valve.
  • Leave membrane 2 minutes deflated.
  • Switch on blowers.

This procedure may be repeated immediately or after a while. Automation is a must, especially with industrial waste waters. This procedure will be performed 2 to 8 times a day for the continuous aeration processes. The time intervals should depend on the pressure loss of AEROSTRIP diffusers (the higher the pressure, the shortest the interval). If aeration is performed on intermittent basis, the pressure release procedure shall run at the beginning of denitrification phase - with turned-off blowers .


Did you know?

We designed the AEROSTRIP diffuser with a polyurethane membrane with less than one-third the thickness but with three times the strength of conventional EPDM membranes.


Unlike EPDM membranes, polyurethane membranes have no softeners or plasticizers to leach into wastewater over time (the reason EPDM membranes require frequent replacement).  AEROSTRIP diffuser membranes are proven to last 15+ years without replacement.  


Ovivo Spain commissions AEROSTRIP ® fine bubble diffuser installation in Spain

Ovivo Spain has commissioned an aeration system featuring high-performance AEROSTRIP ® fine bubble diffusers at a wastewater treatment plant in Spain. The system is installed in one of two existing biological treatment lines, which will allow to measure performance against expectations. The system comprises 132 diffusers with polyurethane membranes and substitutes the previous conventional aeration system made up of 1410 disc diffusers and EPDM membranes.

 “We anticipate our client should realize an energy saving in the order of ~30%, in comparison to the disc diffusers, replaced with the AEROSTRIP diffuser”, says Pedro Morate – General Manager, Ovivo Spain.


tradeshow participation in Brazil

We have successfully exhibited at the International Industrial Environment and Sustainability Fair (FIMAI). Which was held from November 5th to 7th, 2013, at the Blue Pavilion of Expo  Center Norte, in the city of São Paulo.

This fair offered a wide range of options in the environmental area and enables contact with Brazil’s most important experts and entrepreneurs. The excellent level of the exhibitors and visitors reinforces the exponential growth of the Brazilian environmental market.




Excellent WEFTEC Conference at Chicago,USA

Excellent Conference of Dr. Stenstrom presenting the study "My Diffuser Goes Eleven" . While other makes (EPDM membranes, silicon membranes) hardly leave 5-7 years, AEROSTRIP was sampled after 11 years operation and proved better as new ones from competitors!

Weftec 2013

Weftec(2) 2013


AEROSTRIP diffusers succsess story

Dr. Michael Stenstrom (UCLA) and colleague Dr. Diego Rosso (UC Irvine) discuss the results of some extensive testing on 11 year old diffusers. The oldest membrane diffusers he's ever tested. The results were "remarkable".



New distribution partner for Australia

We are happy to announce our new distributor for Australia.

Since July 1-st 2013 HYDROFLUX has been appointed as our exclusive distributor.

We look forward to working together and a warm welcome in the AEROSTRIP family!



New distribution partner for Bangladesh

We are happy to announce our new distributor for Bangladesh.

Since May 17th 2013 SIMEM has been appointed as our exclusive distributor.

We look forward to working together and a warm welcome in the AEROSTRIP family!



successful exhibition in Berlin

Together with our agent partner for Germany we have successfully exhibited at the "Wasser Berlin International" from 23-rd to 26-th of april.

this year 31,000 participants (+10 percent) from business, politics and science took part. 651 exhibitors, including 194 exhibitors from 35 countries presented their latest technologies, products and services related to water supply and sewage disposal in six exhibition halls. The proportion of international exhibitors increased from 25 percent to 30 percent.

Messe Wasser Berlin

Messe Wasser Berlin 2


New distribution partner for Spain

We are happy to announce our new distributor for Spain.

Since March 1st 2013 OVIVO Spain has been appointed as our exclusive distributor.

We look forward to working together and a warm welcome in the AEROSTRIP family!



fair Wasser Berlin International 2013

we exhibit together with our german distributor at the fair Wasser Berlin from 23rd to 26th of april

visit us at hall 2.2 booth 315

wasser berlin


New distribution partner for the Netherlands

We are happy to announce our new distributor for the Netherlands.

Since January 1st 2013 Landustrie Sneek BV has been appointed as our exclusive distributor.

We look forward to working together and a warm welcome in the AEROSTRIP family!



IFAS process by HYDROK UK

Aquaconsult takes part at the showcase of the IFAS process (Integrated Fixedfilm Acivated Sludge process) of our partner Hydrok UK on the 23-rd of January 2013.

The event takes place at the WWTP Armthorpe, United Kingdom. For more information please click here. If you are interested in please contact Hydrok UK Ltd.


publication in WLB journal

"Advanced Technology" in issue 4/2012 of the well-known WLB journal, an article on an application example of our AEROSTRIP ® diffusers can be read.

The whole article (unfortunately only in German) can be found here