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PHOENIX the High Performance Membrane for AEROSTRIP ® diffusers.

The PHOENIX membrane incorporates an innovative perforation pattern that  accommodates a wide range of air flow conditions at a reduced head loss than standard membrane AEROSTRIP ® diffusers.



AEROSTRIP fine bubble diffuser installation in Triple A tanks at WWTP Strass successfully finished!

Triple A is a very promising new technology that brings previously untapped potential out of the primary clarifier. A sophisticated process sequence makes it possible to get more sludge into the digester and increases the energy yield. Part of this technology is a reliable and efficient fine bubble aeration system – preferred AEROSTRIP.

Strass Triple A - Reinwasserbetrieb


The success of AEROSTRIP®


unique polyurethane membrane

kleine Blasen

ultra fine bubbles for the highest efficiency

20 Jahre Lebensdauer

up to 20 years lifespan


small operation expenditure


25 years of research and development


service & know-how

weltweiter Vertrieb

worldwide distribution

Show Cases

Waste Water Treatment Plant Strass / Zillertal

Number of tanks4
Size of tanks 
length54,7 m
width10,3 m
Waterdepth4,8 m
SOTR7060 kgO2/h
Total air flow to tank324 Nm3/h
Type of diffuserAEROSTRIP ®
Number of diffusers324


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