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published articles about AEROSTRIP

AEROSTRIP & WwTP Geiselbullach, the plant for 250.000 PE of Amperverband

WwTP Geiselbullach, the 250,000 PE wastewater treatment plant of the Amperverband, located in South Bavaria, is an excellent example on how to reduce energy to achieve more or less energy self sufficiency. To reach these goals the operators reduce the primary energy consumption by using optimization of single process steps (installation of an energy efficient aeration system), by implementation of new technologies (like the Thermal hydrolysis process – THP) and by tying new concepts of operation (like mixing by air). AEROSTRIP is part of this story.

Article in ZFK ( Edition 09/2014, Page 32. (German)
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Artikle in Umweltjurnal ( Edition 09/2014, Page 9
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Article in cav magazine (edition July 2014) WwTP Slovnaft

Link to download: Artikel 

cav (chemie anlagen verfahren) is a biannual professional magazine distributed mostly in the DACH (German speaking countries).

Format: pdf. Language German.
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studies & papers

2014 IWA - Acque Veronesi presented the case of WwTP of Verona

Acque Veronesi presented the case of WwTP of Verona (410000 PE) upgraded to AEROSTRIP (named “Panel Diffusers” in the document). The figures related to savings since the refurbishment from 2006 speak for themselves. Savings in value of almost € 1 Million have been estimated until end of 2013.

Acque Veronesi (literally Verona’s Water) is a consortium wholly-owned by public companies. AV manages all the integrated water services in the area of Verona (till now 73 municipality of Verona’s area)

Presented  at “EcoSTP2014 - EcoTechnologies for Wastewater Treatment” , the conference organized by University of Verona, Politecnico di Milano, CNR Water Resource Institue, Consiglio di Bacino Veronese, Acque Veronesi, Azienda Gardesana Servizi, Ordine degli Ingegneri Verona in cooperation with Verona Municipality.

Download file in pdf format here:  2014 IWA Verona

File published with permission of Aqua Veronesi

My diffuser goes eleven

AEROSTRIP diffusers set themselves apart through their maximum energy efficiency and above-average lifespan.

A current scientific study from University of California, Los Angeles confirms the efficiency of the aeration technology designed and manufactured by AQUACONSULT in Austria.

the study about the longevity of AEROSTRIP fine bubble diffusers can be found here

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